Can Twitter do more for you?

Twitter has just announced its new Twitter for Nonprofits program. The program combines existing services designed especially for nonprofits, pro-bono services awarded to approved nonprofits, and a new nonprofit analytics service into a single package aimed at getting more nonprofits “tweeting for good.”

First, just in case you don’t quite know what Twitter is: a tool for quickly communicating a short message to a group of people. Individuals and organizations use the Web or text messaging to “tweet” short messages and updates to inform and connect with others.

Nonprofits use Twitter to share information about issues and events, organize people and activities, and raise funds. It’s extremely easy to use, and offers the potential to reach a vast audience. Its format allows people to participate directly in conversations, which is why it’s such a useful tool for listening and engagement for nonprofits. Twitter has become one of the fastest growing platforms for nonprofit organizing and communications, not to mention raising millions of dollars. 

Here’s what the new program provides:

1. Promoted Campaigns for Good
Select numbers of registered nonprofit organizations receive pro-bono tweets and accounts. This program is booked solid with a 6-month waiting list right now, so organizations must apply early.
Paid: Registered nonprofits that do not receive acceptance into the pro-bono program can apply to receive 20% bonus on all ad buys.

2. Promoted Crisis Campaigns
Registered nonprofits that provide valuable resources in times of crisis (natural disaster, civil unrest) can apply to be considered for pro-bono promoted tweets and promoted accounts. Organizations are asked to apply early, and are slotted as the need arises.
Registered nonprofits that do not receive acceptance into the pro-bono program can apply to receive 20% bonus on all ad buys.

3. Hope140 Spotlights

Guest Blog Posts and tweet coverage: is Twitter’s website dedicated to “unique uses of Twitter in the world of social good.” Nonprofits may contribute a guest post for the blog at @Hope140 is a Twitter account dedicated to highlighting positive social uses of Twitter. Nonprofits can apply to have their issue or cause tweeted out @Hope140.

4. Pro-Bono Analytics
Twitter just announced a new service offering pro-bono access to the comprehensive analytics system typically reserved for paying advertisers. Nonprofits must apply and be selected for the pro-bono analytics service.

If you’re thinking of adding Twitter to your social media tools, or you want your organization to get more from its tweets, check out these resources on Twitter for nonprofits.

Intro to Twitter for Nonprofits and Social Enterprises, from Net2
Best Practices for Nonprofits on Twitter, from echoditto
10 Ways Your Nonprofit Can Use Twitter, from Netwits Think Tank
Microblogging and Nonprofits, from Coyote Communications
Extensive compilation of posts, opinions, and resources on Twitter from nonprofit social media guru Beth Kanter


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